Our business is one of math, expert travel services and relationships. Inexpensive business class airline tickets are accessed in three ways. Consolidator Contract fares, Frequent Flyer Miles aka Award Tickets, and Airline Discount Programs. By using our network of “ticket gurus”, consumers have access to all three.

Did you know?

  • Over 50% of flights in the USA are booked through a travel agency? President Obama didn’t know this, and travel agencies proved it. Much of that is of course business travel.
  • Frequent Flyer miles are now earned primarily on credit cards?
    • These loyalty programs have become the profit centers of the airlines and hotels that now issue over $50 Billion in award points and miles annually, and about 8% of all tickets are issued through the redemption of miles.
  • Consolidator Fares have largely been replaced by Frequent Flyer Miles? Airlines have reduced the sales of contract and consolidator fares, in favor of far more profitable frequent flyer miles and award ticket redemptions. They sell points and miles to credit card companies; you earn them when you spend.
  • Frequent Flyer Miles / Award Tickets: Originally a loyalty program, frequent flyer programs now the primary method airlines use to ‘sell’ their surplus or otherwise unsold seats. Miles are now earned predominantly as credit card points or for credit card purchases, rather than as loyalty rewards for actually flying.
  • Travel coordination takes valuable time away from business activities, is dependent on your preferences and policies, and requires options and access, which means a human must be involved.
  • Your assistant is not qualified. Your travel agent is antiquated and only paid for a limited number of now mostly full-fare options, and try to make their money selling hotels and car rentals. Neither has the expertise required help you redeem your frequent flyer miles and credit card points, which is now the best option to save, especially in combination with the other options.
  • According to airline 10-K financial reports, about 8.25% of all seats are ‘sold’ as tickets through the redemption of flyer miles – similar to the percentage of seats available as consolidator fares of the 1980’s.
  • All airlines now have loyalty programs of some sort, and participate in partner networks called airline alliances, allowing travelers more access to award or miles based ticket redemption options across nearly all major airlines.
  • According the Wall Street Journal, over 15 Trillion miles are unredeemed in frequent flyer accounts today, and over $50 Billion dollars in points value are “awarded’ annually by airlines and hotels.
  • Until now, no one has an incentive to help you redeem miles for ‘free’ award travel. Travel agents are not compensated to do so; in fact airlines hardly compensate them for selling tickets anymore. And the airlines of course would rather your miles expire or go unused for years.
  • Airlines run algorithms to decide when and how many award tickets to release, and our software is built to predict when and how many they will release so we can grab them for you. Without such software, redeeming miles for tickets is the joke portrayed with the blackout dates and lack of availability displayed on popular commercials of Capital One cards.

Why use a Flyer-Miles.com?

  • Our professionals have experience, software, access to contracts, and relationships that give them an unfair advantage in accessing the deepest discounts on the best beds in the sky. Be enlightened, know your options, and save thousands on business travel by using a professional that is an expert in all 3 options.
  • It’s a math and relationship game. The more options you have, the more you save. Our professionals have access to all 3 ways to save, and are experts that do this 24/7/365 with purpose built software and experience with time to help you.
  • Frequent Flyer miles have replaced consolidator tickets, and our professionals have an incentive to help you find the flights you want, and software to predict when the airline algorithms will release seats for award tickets. Combining this powerful option with traditional methods saves thousands each year for many frequent flyers.
  • We have time and experience to help you save thousands on your business and first class travel.

Coordinating business travel is a time-consuming business activity. It is dependent upon consumer preferences and corporate policies and requires access to a broad range of travel options. Travel coordination requires human resources and many corporations devote entire departments to perform the service Flyer-Miles.com can replace much of that structure.

The basic travel agent is becoming a thing of the past. The majority of their business is for full fare clients and they try to survive by selling hotels and car rentals. They have neither the interest nor the experience at redeeming frequent flyer miles and award points.

Our professional staff at Flyer-Miles.com has the experience, software, and industry contact relationships necessary to meet the needs of the flying public. Flyer-Miles.com uses all three to its advantage, to grow its business, and to provide clients with airline values not found elsewhere.

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