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We have been a mileage broker for over 10 years and have sold miles to a number of personal travelers and businesses. buys and sells Air Canada Aeroplan miles and some credit card points.

Are you an agency looking to buy miles? Are you an individual that needs a few more miles for a ticket and do not want to pay airline rates?  Why buy miles from a broker our size?  There are many advantages that we have over Craigslist posters and individuals.

What we offer:

  • Inventory from almost every major airlines
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  • Agency level accounts with special discounts if you are buying in bulk
  • The best mileage broker team in the industry

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Featured Testimonials
"I have never got the value for credit card points like I did from flyer mile.s I will be back to both sell and buy points from Flyer Miles."
“It was such a pain in the a## to book a reward ticket when I wanted to travel. You guys are so much easier and I can now fly when I want. Thanks for the help.” -Amy, New York NY
"I was a little nervous selling my miles when I first contacted you. You were straight forward and delivered. Much easier than trying to find a flight that met my needs. Thank you for the great service." - Emily, Chicago IL.
“I have been using them to cash in on my corporate card points for my business for over a year. They are able to get me more return than the cash back on my card. Thanks guys.” -Alan, St. Paul MN
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