Every frequent traveler has often contemplated how to get the most out of their frequent flyer miles. The first most obvious way to cash in on your miles is to book a travel ticket. This often is the hardest way to take advantage of your loyalty because there are a limited number of seats available for using frequent flyer miles. Many frequent travelers find it very difficult to use the coveted miles because there never seems to be seats available where and when you want to travel.

The great news is that there are a number of other opportunities for you to cash in on your frequent flyer miles. Most reward programs let you cash your miles in for anything from Hotel stays to purchasing merchandise. Then there is the “oh so popular” magazine subscriptions. Some of the savvy travelers have found out that there are mileage brokers, like Flyer-Miles.com that are willing to pay cash for your miles. Maybe then you can go actually book the flight you want.

Airline miles brokers such as Flyer-Miles.com pays will often pay more than the value of the domestic flight.   For business travelers, using your miles to pay for a flight will reduce your potential write-off for travel because the miles are not an expenditure.  In most cases selling your airline miles to a broker like Flyer-Miles.com is the best option.  Selling your airline miles is against the airline rules, but it is not against any state or federal laws, making it legal if someone is willing to pay. We are advocates for frequent travelers who, in our opinion have the right to fully utilize the value of the miles they have often so painfully gained.

Featured Testimonials
"I have never got the value for credit card points like I did from flyer mile.s I will be back to both sell and buy points from Flyer Miles."
“It was such a pain in the a## to book a reward ticket when I wanted to travel. You guys are so much easier and I can now fly when I want. Thanks for the help.” -Amy, New York NY
"I was a little nervous selling my miles when I first contacted you. You were straight forward and delivered. Much easier than trying to find a flight that met my needs. Thank you for the great service." - Emily, Chicago IL.
“I have been using them to cash in on my corporate card points for my business for over a year. They are able to get me more return than the cash back on my card. Thanks guys.” -Alan, St. Paul MN

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