international flightsYes. Buying frequent flyer miles is absolutely legal. In fact, every airline that allows you to earn miles, will be happy to sell you extra miles. But buying miles directly from an airline is expensive. Airlines make using your miles difficult and they are more interested in receiving cash for flights than using your miles for award seats. This is why it can cost extra miles to book an award seat, and why they are happy to sell you the additional miles you need. This allows airlines to earn more revenue on every seat- even reward seats.

At, we believe in winning the frequent flyer miles game. We are one of the largest brokers of airline miles with inventory on all major carriers. Our team has years of experience in procuring miles, which saves you time and money.

To be frank, airlines don’t like other companies to sell miles. They want to keep the revenue for themselves, and even threaten to cancel flights and accounts in order to increase profit and enforce their policies. But just like you can purchase tickets to a concert or basketball game from a third party, you can absolutely purchase miles.

And when you see the savings, you’ll be glad you did.

Most airlines charge between $.03 and $.035 cents per mile, which doesn’t seem very fair, considering airlines generally value your miles at $.01 to $.02 per mile.  At Flyer-Miles, our miles range from $.015 and %.025 per mile, which means you’re purchasing miles at 40-50% off airline prices.

Save your money for your destination, and purchase your miles from Flyer-Miles. Or better yet, if you are looking for a business or first class international ticket, give us a call and we will save you hundreds (and possibly thousands) of dollars by booking your ticket for you.

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