Redeeming your miles through your airline is a simple process. To access your miles you can log in with your frequent flyer number, or call the airlines. You will purchase a ticket the same way but be using airline miles as the form of payment for the ticket. Each airline has their own miles requirements and in some cases they offer a way to use more miles for your ticket in order to forgo a black out date or other restriction. Take caution using these options because this will diminish the value of your miles and in essence increase the cost of the tickets.

There are a few issues to be aware of when considering purchasing a ticket with your miles. There is actually no hard and fast monetary value of your miles. You need to understand the value of your alternatives. With all the different rules and mileage usage opportunities, it is often not economically beneficial to utilize you miles for a given ticket.

“If the goal is airline loyalty, why do they keep putting up roadblocks to be rewarded for it?”

Here are some of the issues to consider. Airlines have a notorious reputation for blackout dates and limited seat availability for miles redemption tickets. Flexibility of your travel will be very important when considering utilizing a ticket. Another important factor is how far ahead you can plan your travel. All these factors will come into play when using your miles to secure a ticket. Often all these factors combine to create a very difficult and cumbersome process in finding a ticket that will work for your given schedule.

“Why are over 75% of miles never used? Is this by design?”

Finally, you should be aware that there are a number of other options for you to use your miles that may be more advantageous. There are often opportunities to utilize your mileage to purchase other goods or services. The most important consideration is to understand the actual value of the product or service you are purchasing so you can understand the relative value of each mile. The value of your miles can sometimes work in your favor but you should investigate your options before jumping in.

One last option you have is to utilize a miles broker. You have the opportunity to earn cash for your miles. This may be the easiest route depending on your situation. We specialize in helping people get the best value out of their airline miles. Contact us today to find out more information on how we can help you.

“Do they really want to reward us, or do they want the illusion of a reward?”


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