Announcement: New Waitlist Service

posted by August 19, 2015

logoWe are pleased to announce a new service you may find helpful in redeeming your airline miles and credit card points for luxury first and business class international flights. For just $300, we will find you flights you can’t on your own, as our systems work around the clock to grab seats the minute airlines release them.

We work with all airlines and can help you redeem your own miles/points or trade them in for different airlines. If you don’t have miles, we can still help you get the best prices on luxury travel!

Our process and software help you get the best seats. We can ‘waitlist’ seats across dozens of airlines and get the best seats when airlines choose to release them for miles and points. You simply can’t do this without our software and team! We use a process that works based on decades of experience and predictive capabilities to get you the flights you want for cheap.

We can help you get the best seats on flights worldwide at savings of up to 70% off, from $2150-$5500 round trip! You save big on even the most expensive last minute flights. We book 68% of flights within 7 days of departure, when airlines release more seats for points and miles, as well as vouchers and corporate rate waivers.

Our corporate sponsored tickets are simply the lowest price possible for international travel, as they buy in bulk and provide “piggy backed” rates and rewards for you unavailable elsewhere.

We look forward to hearing about your next trip! To get more information, fill out a contact form or call us at (801) 871-5108.

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