Best Business Class Seats

posted by August 4, 2015

Sure, flying Business Class is great! But the type of seat can vary depending on the airline and aircraft. There are suites, flat bed, lie-flat seats, angle seats and recliners. What’s the difference and how do you know what your flight offers? In a nutshell, these are the types of seats typically offered on Business Class long haul flights:

ReclinerRecliner Seats:These seats do not offer the significant recline of the Lie-flat and Flat Bed Seats, but still offer excellent space and comfort.


Recliner 2Angle Lie-Flat Seats:While airlines often market these seats as having 180 degrees of recline, in their fully reclined position they are slightly angled and do not lay completely horizontal. Passengers often find these seats to be extremely comfortable for relaxing and working, but not conducive to sleep when in the fully reclined position because of the awkward angle.


Recliner 3Flat Bed Seats:When fully reclined, these seats are completely horizontal, creating a bed that is fully flat. These seats always receive high accolades for being comfortable both as seats and beds.


Recliner 4Suites:These seats offer the utmost in privacy and comfort. Each suite is essentially its own mini-cabin which includes a fully-flat bed, work station and television.


For more information and to look up your flights to see what kind of seat you will have, visit the Seat Guru’s website.

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