Family Award Travel Tips

posted by September 17, 2015

You’ve successfully traveled on award tickets for business, but now you want to fly the family somewhere exotic! Sounds great, but you will soon find out that family travel can be a little more difficult to put together. Not only will you need more points, you will also need more award seats, hopefully on the same flight so your two-year old doesn’t have to fly coach by herself (just kidding)!Family-vacation-travel-rome-featured-shutterstock-253301299

The first thing to remember is that the easiest way to earn miles/points is through credit card signups. We have posted a lot of articles regarding the best cards and the best offers and you can check out The Points Guy for the latest tips. Even if you have cards, you can have your spouse and adult children or parents sign up, too, to get maximum award points. You can usually pool your points across family members or transfer into one person’s frequent flyer account. Not everyone needs their own account, either. You can book awards for family members or friends on most airlines.

Other strategies include flexibility with dates and airlines. You may have your heart set on a specific date or airline, but even just changing the date by one or two days can open up new possibilities. Also think about flying a low-cost airline to get to a bigger city to connect to your premium airline for your international award flight.

The Points Guy has 10 tips for booking family award travel here.

We are the experts when it comes to helping you with award flights. If you need more miles or you need help finding and booking flights, give us a call and we can help.

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