How to Earn and Redeem Miles on Non-Alliance Partners

posted by August 28, 2015

airplane wing oceanMost major airlines belong to one of three alliances: Star Alliance, Oneworld or Skyteam. What this means is that you can usually earn and spend miles for different airlines within the same alliance. For example, United Airlines and Thai Airlines are members of the Star Alliance. So while you may not have miles with Thai Airlines frequent flyer program, you can use your United miles to book Thai flights. This means there are plenty of options for booking flights outside your own frequent flyer program.

But what happens when you need to fly on an airline that is not a part of an alliance? Many smaller airlines, and even some larger ones, are not part of any alliances. However, they could be ‘partners’ with an airline and you can book flights through the partner airline. Some examples of non-alliance airlines are Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad, Virgin Australia and Air Tahiti Nui. But they are partners with other airlines so booking flights with miles is possible, once you know how.

This article from The Points Guy can help you see which non-alliance airlines have partners and who. You can also contact us and we can help you plan your travel and book your flights.


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