Stop Wasting Your Reward Miles!

posted by May 26, 2015

The Frugal Travel Guy had a great article recently about how to save your frequent flyer miles and rewards program points in order to never let another mile or point go to waste, ever!

He came up with three great pieces of advice for saving your miles and points:

  1. You can always earn more miles
    • Don’t just use your points on something because you think you will never get to the amount of points to buy what you really want- there are a number of ways you can earn more miles or points, for example: shopping portals, dining rewards and crossover rewards.
  2. Miles accumulate indefinitely
    • While most major cards and shopping portals have a limit to how much you can earn, remember there’s no limit on the number of points or miles you can earn on other credit cards or rewards programs. Save up until you can spend your points/miles on something you really want or need.
  3. Keep your miles alive
    • There’s a number of ways to keep your miles or points alive even if you can’t (or don’t want to) make the redemption today. For a list of ways to keep your dormant accounts alive, check out this article.

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