Top 7 Ways for College Kids to Build Credit and Rack Up Points and Miles

posted by August 20, 2015

Graduation is over and many new young adults will be starting college. Whatever they major in, one thing is for sure: they will get lots of credit card offers! It can be confusing to navigate all of the offers and tempting for them to accept them all. It is a great time for them to start establishing credit but of course they need to do it right. It’s also a great time for them to learn about credit card bonuses and frequent flyer award miles. Taking advantage of the right offers will help them maximize their bonuses and earn points and miles while building their credit. Here are the top 7 ways for a student to rack up points and miles, according to The Points Guy:

  • Know your score
  • Start with a basic card
  • Go through shopping portals for your school supplies and dorm needs
  • Pay tuition using Bluebird
  • Pay your other bills using Bluebird
  • Expense club activities
  • Maximize dining purchases
  • Maximize book purchases

Read this great article for more information and to help point your college student in the right direction to start building their credit and to start earning points and miles.

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