Want More Miles? File Your Taxes!

posted by February 1, 2014

File your Taxes Online and Get MilesThere are many well-known ways to earn airline points or miles without actually flying, including dining out at particular restaurants, shopping at certain retailers, and filling out surveys, but did you know that you can now earn points or miles by simply filing your taxes?

According to an article from the Frugal Travel Guy, the dreaded task of filing taxes every Spring could actually help you earn bonus points toward future flights or, points you can sell for cash. TurboTax and H&R Block are two of the tax preparation sites that are offering miles for the rewards programs listed below in exchange for the fees you pay them:


Turbo Tax:

Delta Skymiles– 6 miles per $1

Hawaiian Airlines- 7 miles per $1

Hilton HHonors– 11 miles per $1

Marriott Rewards– 10 miles per $1

Southwest Airlines– 1,000 points


H&R Block:

United Airlines- 5 miles per $1

US Airways- 6 miles per $1

Delta Skymiles- 6 miles per $1

Southwest Airlines- 7 miles per $1

American Airlines- 9 miles per $1

Ultimate Rewards- 10 miles per $1

Hilton HHonors- 14 miles per $1

Marriott Rewards- 15 miles per $1


Keep in mind that these rewards can’t be gained if you hire a tax professional to file for you. You can, however, earn even more points if you purchase your tax preparation software from certain websites, like OfficeMax.com, or if you use particular credit cards, like the Ink Bold or Chase Sapphire Preferred. Even if you have to pay taxes this year, at least you can now maximize your rewards miles in the process. Time is ticking, so don’t miss the opportunity to earn extra points before April 15 rolls around!


Photo Source: 401(K)2012 via Flickr,  CC 2.0


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